Roberta Pedon – Dripping With Desire (Original)

A different view of Roberta Pedon looking from below and up along her wet naked body. What a perfect view of that sun kissed body covered all over with beads of water and showing off those beautiful big orbs and highlighted pussy 🙂


Ann Austin’s Curves From Below!

Two restored prints of a nude Ann Austin posing above the camera, giving us a magnificent view of her curvaceous body, wonderful boobs and the not so wonderful wallpaper! I prefer the top shot as you get to see more of Ms Austin’s body and her curves, along with a hint of stubble where she obviously trimmed! It looks as though the wallpaper was actually a screen used for posing in front of, as you can see the proper wall and wallpaper behind it in the tops shot. Cracking stuff from Ann Austin though.


June Russell – A Sharp Intake of Breath! (1958)

Another June and another different view, this time from below! I’m not actually sure if it was taken from below or she was laying back and the photo has been rotated 90 degrees? Anyway a different view of June Russell from Kamera No.16 (1958) and a shape intake of breath from her as this shot was taken I think!