Kamera Calendar, May 1969

The May page of the 1969 Kamera Calendar features an attractive unknown model posing in fetching yellow slacks on a chair in what might be GHM’s flat.  I don’t know who this model is, but also have a cracking original shot of her from Kevin to post shortly.  In the meantime anyone know who she is?

June Palmer – September 1969, A Very Bubbly Month!

June posing in a sunken bath full of bubbles for the September page of the 1969 Kamera Calendar. I love this scene of the bath and mirror’s and I’ve seen other models photographed in the same bath, but not seen many of June from this shoot?

Dawn Grayson – Kamera Calendar, February 1969

Dawn Grayson in long blonde wig from the February page of the Kamera 1969 calendar. This shot comes from the same set as the shots in this article and were taken on the ‘Hollywood’ set at Lily Place Studios in 1964.