Erica – Kamera No.21 Cover (1959)

Another scan of an original Kamera Magazine, this time Erica on the cover of Kamera No.21 (1959) She appears to be on the bedroom set with that floral wallpaper again and a signed Eve Eden print in the background.

Erica – Double The Exposure! (1959)

A double page spread of Erica from Kamera No.21 (1959) giving us a double view of Erica in the reflection of the mirror. Restored the best I could, but still a slight curve of the mirror due to page crease.

Lorraine Burnett – All Made Up! (1958)

A very glamorous and made up Lorraine Burnett from Kamera No.21 (1959). Seen here posing nude and with heavy make-up and kneeling on a very familiar towel/rug that I’ve seen in other early Harrison Marks shots. He definitely re-used his props!