Molly & The Mussels (1964)

About time I published some more Molly Peters and this one comes from Kamera No.56 (1964). Molly seen here posing on what looks like a very uncomfortable spot of a rock covered in mussels on location with Harrison Marks. Probably down in his favourite Cornwall location.

Marie Provost – Knew I’d Seen Her Somewhere Before!

I knew I’d seen the model going by the name of Marie Provost before and I came across them today when looking for a specific Frankie Young image. These are from Kamera No.56 and prove it’s not Elaine Desmond.

So she now appears in this article and Kamera No.56 & 61, although it was probably only one photo shoot that produced the images for both Kamera issues and cover dates put both at 1964.