Margaret Middleton – All On Show!

Margaret Middleton showing us everything, as she did from time to time from Stripper No.1. This girl was big in all areas, big Boobs and from the looks of it a big labia, either that or it is the position she’s sat in! I sure there are plenty of uncensored shots from the 1960’s of other models like this, there just seems to be more of Margaret around and on show!

In The Front Parlour With Margaret Middleton

Two shots of a younger Margaret Middleton posing on a chair in the front parlour, love the contrasting white high heels and garter against the black. This could be at Ewhurst but not 100% sure as don’t know if MM ever modelled there, but there’s a good chance she did at some point!  Damn those tits look good!

The Depilation of Margaret Middleton

Another uncensored shot of a young Margaret Middleton.  Not only showing off her shapely curves and figure, but a glimpse of her depilated (shaven) pubic region.  In the 1960’s uncensored shots were starting to make money on the continent and editing out pubic hair was time consuming, so it was suggested to models such as Margaret that they shave to make things easier.