Dawn Grayson – Precariously Perched! (Original)

A precariously perched Dawn Grayson on a step ladder outside the front of Ewhurst Manor. This shot does it for me on so many levels! The small perfectly formed tits with perky nipples, the pose on ladder as she stands on tiptoes with that delectable bum sticking out! With health and safety at the forefront of my mind I would just have to offer to hold the ladder for her, as I’d hate for her to fall off, plus I’m sure the view directly below that bum would be worth it (perv!)

Mary Deighan – Kamera Calendar, March 1960

Another scan from my own copy of the 1960 Kamera Calendar, this time Mary Deighan and her lovely rear view from the March page of the 1960 Kamera calendar. Taken on the fly poster set, you can’t complain about the view on this one as Mary has a great arse!

Sue Owen – Kamera Calendar, August 1966

It’s the August page of the 1966 Kamera Calendar, so it must be time to head down to the beach for a spot of sunbathing! I bet you never saw this view very often on the Cornwall beaches in 1966, but Sue Owen’s pert little tits and nice round bum would make a trip to the beach much more fun than sandcastle building.