Madeleine Mado – Kamera Calendar, May 1960

It’s been a while since I posted a page from one of the Kamera Calendars, so he is a scan of my own copy of the 1960 Kamera Calendar. This one features a studio shot of Madeleine Mado (Maria Hale) in long blonde wig stood at a dressing table.  I’ll be adding a gallery of the 1960 calendar shortly.

I’m still missing a copy of the 1965 calendar if anyone has one they are willing to share 🙂

Mary Deighan – Kamera Calendar, March 1960

Another scan from my own copy of the 1960 Kamera Calendar, this time Mary Deighan and her lovely rear view from the March page of the 1960 Kamera calendar. Taken on the fly poster set, you can’t complain about the view on this one as Mary has a great arse!

Pamela Green – Kamera Calendar, January 1960

As discussed in this post I now own an almost immaculate copy of the the 1960 Kamera Calendar and I’ve decided to re-post the 1960 calendar month by month with my own scans. Above is Pamela Green posing for January and I did very little to the scan other than some minor spots from the scanner and a slight colour adjustment.  The original scan was twice the size of this image and as clear as ever.