Cleo The Cave-girl (1968)

Another shot taken from Femme No.11 P59 (1968), this time Cleo Simmons on the cave set dressed as a cave-girl including a very short animal skin skirt and stone club! Cleo appears on 6 pages of Femme No.11 with 3 pages showing her posing on this set, which could be what I have classed as a cave set or fisherman’s set due to the netting?

Eve Eden – It’s All in the Eyes!

Right! before anyone moans about the bad editing, other than scanning and removing some scratches I’ve not touched these images of Eve Eden! These images are all from Photographic Rhythm No.1 by Lawrence Venn and raise all sorts of questions. Like why were the images not only retouched in the nether regions, but also the eyes! If you look closely the eyes on these and most of the other pages in this magazine look drawn on and not very well! It also looks as if Eve herself has been cut out and pasted onto a white or black background, again very badly. The top images is the best, but they get progressively worse as you go down the page. Which raises the question … why? I know the main attraction of Ms Eden wasn’t her eyes, but still I can’t stop staring at them, when really my attention should be focussed on her wonderful figure, especially the second image 🙂

How Much Editing Do I Do?

Someone asked the question on how much I edit the images published on here, which doesn’t have a straightforward answer!  It depends! It depends on the size and quality of the original, but my view is that I only restore or enhance, but not alter.  Most of the time it’s restoring colour, removing blemishes and scratches and tweaking highlights and contrast and re-sizing if they are large files.  Overall, nothing that drastically alters the context of the original.

I’ll use another June Palmer shot as an example.

The original image scanned directly from a 120 film negative

 My Edit – A slight crop of the image, colours enhanced and restored & a few scratches removed and that is it!

The purists will say don’t mess with the original, but I prefer the colours in my edit!   

The image is another JP original from John W of June as Joanna Kent in strawberry blonde wig on the beach and I love it!  I think it’s the pose and June’s bum!