Forum Redux

Now that the site has been migrated and seems to be behaving and performing better (fingers crossed!) I’ve decided to reinstate the forum on the site. Thankfully I’ve managed to retain all the old posts from before, but I have had a tidy up and moved things around and added a few sub-forums under the models section.

I’ve added the links to the forum on the right hand menu, plus a link to everyone’s profile so you can update it, including password if you wish. So let’s give it another go and see if it’s used or not 🙂


What’s Occurring?

Several changes to the site this week that you may or may not have noticed, so I thought I’d give everyone a quick update.

I’ve been doing a lot of work around galleries and photo sets and who sees what the last couple of days.

  • The photo galleries on the right hand menu has changed and been made simpler with just two links to photo sets and full magazines. 
  • New pages for sets and magazines, which show content for both members and non-members depending on who you are. Members now see everything on both pages 🙂
  • Redesigned galleries with no border around thumbnails and much quicker loading 

I’ve also been uploading complete magazines and sets that members can enjoy including the recent addition of Nylon Flash No.19 featuring Sylvia Bayo. I’m also working on Dynamic No.3 (above) featuring Eva Nieman and Exotic No.8 again featuring Sylvia Bayo and several other full magazines, so look out for those over the coming weeks.

I’m also still scanning prints and negatives as they come in, which seems to be never ending but still enjoyable, plus starting to sell off a few things over on eBay if you hadn’t seen.


Ah well as a friend says, back to the tits!


A Quick Site Update

A quick update on some of the minor changes and tweaks I’ve been making to the site recently, nothing major just me fiddling 🙂

  1. All images posted now are 640 pixels in size both for members and non-members to reduce bandwidth and speed up loading. Members of course still get much larger images when the click on an image and of course no watermarks visible.
  2. I’ve tweaked the right hand menu:
    • Resorted the order, as based on feedback and traffic the models section is by far the most popular, so moved up.
    • Split out Galleries and Cine films into their own sections.
    • Deleted individual models pages from the models menu.
  3. Included a new Cine Films menu that includes published cine films for both Harrison Marks and others plus June Palmer films (members only)
  4. A new Harrison Marks Cine Film database – A searchable database of GHM’s films for Kamera, Maximus Films and others. (Coming Soon!)
  5. Finally I’m experimenting with giving members the ability to download certain images in much larger size, plus maybe the odd film. Still working on this to see what’s possible and if I can set it up, but already done a few pages to see how popular it is. There may be a small admin charge to host the larger images and films for this if it works out?

That’s it really just minor stuff, but do let me know what you think and any feedback is always appreciated.


Wonder 🙂


Site Update

Just an update on some of the changes to the site since it moved:

  1. I have a new gallery creator and I’ve added a number of new galleries to the gallery page, with more coming – Ann Austin & Angela Duncan added.
  2. New GHM Publications page – Gallery listing of other Harrison Marks publications, with links through to posted images from those publications – Still on-going with a few links working.
  3. Model listing – Updating with new galleries to make it easier to manage and add new models, includes the unknown model page.
  4. Members now see larger images on all posts
  5. Members downloads – I’ve offered a few images for downloads, but experimental to see if this is something people would want?

I’m also working on the following:

  1. A film section of GHM’s films that will provide details of his films and possibly viewable versions.
  2. Updating the ‘other’ vintage magazines page similar to the other galleries.
  3. Updating the Kamera & Solo listings in the new gallery style.

All this as well as continuing to post the fantastic content I have and receive from various sources. If you have any feedback or improvement suggestions then please do leave me feedback.