Site Update

Just an update on some of the changes to the site since it moved:

  1. I have a new gallery creator and I’ve added a number of new galleries to the gallery page, with more coming – Ann Austin & Angela Duncan added.
  2. New GHM Publications page – Gallery listing of other Harrison Marks publications, with links through to posted images from those publications – Still on-going with a few links working.
  3. Model listing – Updating with new galleries to make it easier to manage and add new models, includes the unknown model page.
  4. Members now see larger images on all posts
  5. Members downloads – I’ve offered a few images for downloads, but experimental to see if this is something people would want?

I’m also working on the following:

  1. A film section of GHM’s films that will provide details of his films and possibly viewable versions.
  2. Updating the ‘other’ vintage magazines page similar to the other galleries.
  3. Updating the Kamera & Solo listings in the new gallery style.

All this as well as continuing to post the fantastic content I have and receive from various sources. If you have any feedback or improvement suggestions then please do leave me feedback.



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