Goodbye Tumblr! Another Nail in The Coffin for Freedom of Expression!

Many of you that follow this site may know that before it existed here I used to post and share my content over on Tumblr. My first site Daysgonebyporn was inspired there before I moved to a version of Kamera Club on Tumblr and eventually to here. I now post all my content here as a primary site, but share with other followers on both Tumblr and Twitter.

Well in it’s wisdom Tumblr have decided to enforce a no adult content policy on everyone, which includes literally all my posts! Don’t get me wrong I’m all for protecting minors against this type of content, even vintage glamour such as mine, but there are ways to do this including us as adults taking responsibility for what our children do and view online.

What annoys me more is that the pseudo morality stance these big companies are now taking. Especially when the very content they are now all banning is the very content that got them where they are now! But even more annoying is the 7 years of my content gone and what next? Service providers banning hosting of sites such as mine, where will it end?

Anyway, goodbye Tumblr it was a blast while it lasted, but I live on here 🙂


June Palmer Profile View (Coloured)

I hadn’t seen this image before Oldiznewagain coloured and posted it over on Tumblr, but I must say it’s a beautiful shot of her in it’s own right. The coloured version especially her hair and face are excellently done and the only slight critique I would have suggested, would to have used a lighter or more contrasting colour for the background on the left hand side? The curve of her bosom seems to get blurred and lost in the background at the bottom and a contrast like red may have helped? That said both the original and coloured versions are exquisite!