Margaret Nolan – A Fireplace Flower!

Another shot from the same set as this shot, but this time a much more serious pose from Margaret Nolan as she poses beside the fireplace. We still get a great view of her body and her slightly stubbly look down below, but those bloody flowers got in the way in this shot!


Margaret Nolan – Lenz No.3

Two images of Margaret Nolan from Lenz No.3 published by Harrison Marks, with the whole magazine dedicated to the photography of Ken Williams. I published a couple of other images from this shoot of Margaret and always wondered who took the shots, so now I know!

Margaret Nolan – QT No.68 Cover

Margaret Nolan on the cover of QT Magazine No.68 and she was also QT Beauty of the Month for this edition. Unfortunately my copy has the centre pages missing so can’t share that with you, unless someone else has a copy? Also anyone guess the date as not sure on this one? (Portland?)

Margaret On All Fours!

A very sultry Margaret Nolan wearing a familiar striped top and pants on a bed. In this shot she’s on all fours with the pants pulled down and bum in the air giving the camera a very sultry look. Damn the mind wanders looking at this shot of her like that! One of the best shots of her in this outfit from what I’ve seen … enjoy!