An Armchair Full of Paula Page!

A wonderful print of Paula Page filling out an armchair with all her charms sent over by Kevin. Loving the matching cushion and arm protectors on the chair, very 1960’s!
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  1. So, so sorry to write this, but this photo of Paula does remind me of White Dee, from THAT notorious TV programme. There are much nicer photos of her

  2. gettaway with you – paula always looks like a cheerful auntie inviting you for a good shagging – what&#39;s not to like!?<br /><br /> roop

  3. Sorry if I offended anybody, especially lovers of Paula, but, as I stated, there are MUCH better photos of her. A very unflattering pose. Looks like she has three chins !!<br />And where, please Wonder68 are the photos of Barbara Halks you promised !! ?

  4. yes, sorry, will try to avoid in future<br /><br /> ;)<br /><br /> roop

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