Cooling Down with Brigitte Maier

Another random post, this time two shots of German born Porn Actress and model Brigitte Maier cooling herself down with a hose! I’d have offered to hose her down any day!

Her career started in 1967 and lasted all the way through the 1970s. Under the direction of European director Lasse Braun she pushed the porn envelope, both on screen and in her modelling work for various Men’s magazines, at a time when anti-pornography laws were being forced to change. She retired in 1978, got married and move to Rome where she became involved with the Italian Women’s Movement. In interviews over the years she has seemed to waver from proud of her work to ashamed and stating that she was mixed up and used by Braun in his films.

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  1. Didn’t Linda Lovelace and others say similar things, in so much as they were mixed up and used. Personally, I fail to believe any of it

    • Same here Phil, I think they knew perfectly well what they were doing at the time, but as we all get older we look back and think, maybe we shouldn’t have done that and look for excuses! Even some of the UK models still around today seem to avoid talking about their past, but I say embrace it as there are plenty of fans out there that enjoyed and appreciated what they did 🙂

  2. We all, or at least some of us have done some ridiculous things in life, but I do think its wrong to look back retrospectively and blame A.N.Other in a self righteous way to absolve oneself.


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