The Fabulous Valerie Jones

The fabulous Valerie Jones published by Gold Star publications, featuring 56 pages of Valerie in various locations and stages of undress. Looking through all the shots, they all seem to be by Harrison Marks either at his flat or other well known sets. I’m not sure if this is just a duplicate of the Solo magazine under a different title or different shots? I’m missing the Solo edition featuring Valerie, so can’t compare the two.

Thanks to Ray for sending over a copy of this fabulous magazine full of Valerie 🙂

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  1. At one point in my younger years I had I thought was most of the Solo’s except maybe the last two or three (until they were found by an ex slightly puritanical/jealous girlfriend who destroyed them – how much would they be worth now? -)

    But I digress, although I didn’t have it in the collection I did think number 61 was the last one published, and appears in your Solo listing. However, as far as I can see unless she changed her appearance (quite possible) Valerie Jones does not seem to be one of them. Not all of the covers have a name link with them, most of course are too well known and recognisable to need one, but maybe I’ve missed it.

  2. Oh! well she hasn’t changed that much, really should have recognised her.

    Thanks anyway.


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