Ann Austin – Best of Both Worlds (1958)

Ann Austin in one of those shots with a bit of everything in it for lovers of big boobs, curves or a nice round bottom, take your pick. Even has a couple of sheepskin rugs in it for the rug lovers out here! This scrumptious shot of Ann comes from Kamera No.13 (1958) and I can’t honestly decide my favourite bit of her as it’s all good!

A Lofty View of Erica (1959)

German model Erica posing for Harrison Marks on the loft set in Kamera No.20 (9159). Her figure and magnificent set of boobs are up there with Ann Austin and Paula Page as favourites, but Erica seems slightly more well proportioned than the others. The addition of the fishnets and shadows just add to an already cracking shot of Erica!

Rhodes Rears! (Original)

After my day of rear views yesterday, Terry has sent through this original shot of not one rear but three! Taken in Rhodes in the late 1960’s, early 70’s Terry can’t quite remember the model names, but the middle one looks familiar? Regardless of names, what a view and we’re not talking the background scenery!
Thanks to Terry for continuing to send through shots from his collection of work. To me everyone is fantastic and worthy of being shown in it’s own right, they may not all fit in with the criteria of this site, but if not I’ll share over on my DaysGoneByPorn site, as they are all too good not to share I think you agree? 

A Model That’s Not Tina Madison (1960)

I’ve come across this model before in other editions of Kamera and seen her referred to as Tina Madison, but I was always very unsure that it was the Tina Madison I’ve posted before, as the body shape looked wrong. The official GHM website in it’s model database also has the model above as Tina Madison and her Kamera Appearances.
Well I now have definitive proof that the top model isn’t Tina, as I have a copy of Kamera No.33 (1960) and they both appear in it! The Tina I know (below) appears on page 3 and 7, the first model appears on pages 9 and 20, so they appear together in one edition, which might be where the confusion comes from. So if not Tina who is the first model?

Barbara’s Bum (1968)

I thought it would be easy to do a day of posts featuring the wonderful rears of some of the models by Harrison Marks, but it’s harder than I imagined! Scanning through all the images and magazines I have it becomes apparent that GHM prefered up front shots rather than shots from behind as they are sparsely scattered throughout his publications.  Not one to be deterred I’ve comes across a few views, such as the this great rear of Barbara Halks from Kamera No.86 (1968)