June Palmer – Peach Perfect! (Original)

Another restored image from an original, this time from Kevin and his collection, but still a superb shot of June. Posing in the studio her figure and long dark hair contrast well with the peach background. Thanks Kevin!

June on Glass, Box 1 Plate No.4 – An Intimate Study (Original)

The fourth shot of June converted by John from a set of original glass photographic plates taken by Leslie Bainbridge in 1960 (12th August).

This has to be one of the more intimate shots of June I’ve seen, as it clearly shows her smooth nether region and protruding labia. There are other uncensored shots of June in her early career, but most offer a front view and don’t show the detail as in this shot.  Likewise later in her career she has a more natural look that hides the labia, which is an erotic look in itself. This view of her with no hair just seems so much more intimate and not a view we often see, either by the way June has posed or at the hand of the retouchers! A stunningly intimate pose from June!

June Palmer – Long Black Negligee Studio Pose (Original)

The start of another small set of images of June from John, this time posing in a familiar long black negligee. This time she’s posing in a studio setting with a nice red background and very 1960’s red and white chair!

June Perfect in Purple (Coloured)

I thought I’d published the original black and white versions of these shots coloured by Oldiznewagain, but on looking back apparently not! Just goes to show you I spend too much time looking at June images and thinking I know what I’ve published, so I may have to go back through the archive and see what else I’ve missed. Two great coloured versions from the same set from Oldiznewagain here and really like the use of the purple for the negligee/dress.