Teri Martine – Enter The Dragon! (1968)

One of eight shots of Teri Martine from Kamera no.86 (1968) posing for Harrison Marks on the Chinese Garden Set. ┬áIn this shot she’s sat in the large ornate chair in front of the green dragon sculpture on the wall behind her, that appears in many of these later shoots.

Raunchy Rita (1959)

A full on frontal view of Rita Landre (Pam Green) from Kamera No.19 (1959) as she looks down on you from above. In a strange erotic way it’s quite a domineering look she’s giving, as if to say look, but touch if you dare! I’d risk it ­čÖé The retouching on this shot is good for a change, as the way the shadows fall and the fact Pam was shaven all help reduce the retouching required on this shot.

Sunny Samantha (1966)

A second shot of the model known as Samantha, taken by Harrison Marks on location down in Cornwall in May 1966. ┬áSimilar to this shot of Samantha down by a river, this again gives us a great uncensored view of her small perky tits and glorious pussy. ┬áI’ve no idea which river down in Cornwall this and other shots were taken on, but assume it was close to Bedruthen, where GHM, his team and the models were staying?

Sylvia Bayo – Chocolate Pie!

Not a very politically correct title nowadays, but hey it’s Sylvia Bayo and that’s some damn fine chocolate pie on view!

Edit: Terry contacted me to say that he took these shots of Sylvia, wow! He said ‘I worked with her a couple of times (I knew her as Lucienne Camille) and these particular shots were from the second session taken in March 1970. I still have fantasies about her nipples! She was then aged 30 and had already been involved In hardcore, which she was quite open about. She told me that she came from the Seychelles but some bios I have seen say she was born in Kent’.

June Russell – Sofa Shenanigans (Original)

An original image of a very sexy looking June Russell posing on a very classic and formal looking sofa! Loving the sideways view of June in those long gloves and stockings as she half kneels on the sofa. ┬áInterestingly, looking back through my archives this sofa seems to make numerous appearances in shots with other models such as Lorraine Burnett, Eve Eden and Paula Page to name a few. ┬áIt makes you wonder if this was more like the renowned┬á‘casting’ couch?