Pips Perfect Pose! 1971 (Original)

I think Terry likes to tease me with some of his photo’s that he sends through and this one is a good example. Another unknown model called Pip Paget (real name?) that Terry photographed in the studio and as Terry recalls – ‘Attached are some shots of a girl called Pip Paget. I don’t think she did much professionally, she mainly worked around the Amateur photo studios. They were taken near Southampton (coming soon!) and in the studio and taken in 1971’.

What a shot of her posing under that shower with water running down over her face and tits, fantastic! I can’t believe this was taken back in 1971 and it reminds me a bit of the 1980’s page 3 shots (sorry Terry!).


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Marie Deveraux – A Rose Between Two Rocks! (1958)

Marie Deveraux posing between two rocks on a beach in the Scilly Isles from Kamera on Location, P62 (1958).  Nice shot of her with the obligatory knee up to keep her decent!

Marie’s Precarious Position! (Original)

Marie Provost posing in a very precarious position stood wearing high heels on a windowsill at Ewhurst Manor!  I don’t have many of Marie but this came from Kevin and is a different shot indeed. Love the open blouse, sheer panties over the suspenders and stockings and ornate dining chair to the right, but god knows why she got up there!