Annlyse on Black (Original)

A beautiful shot of Annlyse posing on a black background for Harrison Marks from an original medium format negative sent over by Kevin. Annlyse wasn’t the most well endowed model to pose for GHM, but she had a cracking figure and  a wicked smile. A great shot and I do like the shots GHM took using a black background and lighting to one side to highlight the model.

Annlyse & Dorte – Solo No.19 (1961)

Two individual shots of Annlyse and Dorte from Solo No.19 (1961) by Harrison Marks, dedicated entirely to this Danish duo, who were over on holiday and noticed by GHM.

Angelic Annlyse (1960)

Another model that never had a second name, well I’m sure she did but she was only ever referred to as Annlyse. She appears on her own and as a duo with Dorte in Kamera No.36, 37, 44, 48 & 53 and also co-stars with Dorte in Harrison Marks glamour film No.15: ‘Too Cold for Comfort’ (1961). Apparently both girls were over on a holiday from Denmark and agreed to pose for GHM, he must have been very persuasive.

Annlyse had a great figure with small upturned boobs, but the retoucher hasn’t done a good job in this shot on her pubic region, as proportionally it looks wrong and drawn in! This shot comes from Kamera No.36 P24 (1960)