June Palmer – Restrained in Black (Gallery)

Another set of June Palmer sent over by John posing on the ‘Metal Bars’ set. This time June is seen posing in black underwear and stockings, but no nudity this time! Taken in the 1970’s at Scotlee Studio’s I also have another couple of sets of 35mm negatives of June posing on the same set with the metal cage behind her

Looking at some of the things attached to the bars in the background it sure looks like it may have been used for restraining people or the odd bit of S & M!

Pamela Green – Give a Kick to Your Sales Curve! (1960)

Pamela Green in an advert from the Corsetry & Underwear magazine Vol.26 No.2 (February 1960). Not your normal post, but a great find of Pam posing for an advert in her underwear. The advert itself as you can see seems to be aimed at the underwear manufacturers who want Bri-Nylon accessories. A bit of extra work on the side from posing and working with Harrison Marks, or maybe even shot by GHM himself?

Thanks to Paul from Firebird Records for finding this and sending over a copy of the advert and cover 🙂

Presenting Eve Eden

From Dawson Publishing Co. comes the cover of a small format magazine dedicated to Eve Eden, who also appears in tri-colour on the front and back covers. There was a collection of these magazines, all titled ‘Presenting … Model Name’ and all under the guise of being a magazine for artists and photographers. Any excuse to see your favourite model nude!

Thanks to Oxxbridge Galleries for this colourful magazine cover featuring Eve!

June’s Fireplace Fancy (Original)

Two shots of June posing in front of a familiar fireplace in black underwear. I think this must either be a well used set or more likely a room used by June and Arthur Howell, as I’ve seen other shots of June posing in front of this fireplace with the same props, electric fire, sheepskin rug and same ornaments and clock on the mantel. I also have this of original images of Terry Graham posing in the same location. Thanks to John for these two shots of June.



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June Palmer – Everyone’s Favourite Tipple! (Original)

A restored colour negative of June posing on a bar we’ve seen before in this shot, wearing black underwear, fishnet tights and gold gloves. Beautiful pose, although a little off putting if your trying to have a quiet pint, but hey June could serve me my pint looking like that any day!


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June Palmer – Fishnet Fancy (Original)

The third and more revealing shot of June stripping from her black underwear whilst wearing fishnet tights.  This shot shows her kneeling as she looks over her shoulder and giving us the merest glimpse of her tits!  The other shots posted so far from this set can be seen here.

June Palmer – Front & Centre! (Original)

The front view of June and companion to this shot of June in fishnets, high heels and black lacy underwear as she steps out of the skirt that has fallen to the floor! another shot showing a shadow of the lighting in the studio.


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