Dawn Grayson – Just a Peak! (Original)

A restored 35mm slide of the fabulous Dawn Grayson sent over by Kevin! Not the best quality shot as it was very grainy and colours needed tweaking, but hey it’s Dawn! I love the way she is sat on the stool, one leg up and head to one side and just a tiny peak of a areola above that bra.

Thanks as always to Kevin for this shot and all the others he regularly send that appear on this site as it’s always appreciated 🙂

A Cool Southern Breeze! (1967)

Lee Southern (Sothern) cooling off in the sea on the cover of Health & Efficiency (June 1967). Nothing risqué about this cover, but Lee looks sexy and cool at the same time in her blue bikini as she takes a splash in the sea. Taken at a beach close to Sheplegh Court in Devon, which was a popular haunt of editor Leslie Bainbridge.

June & The Blue Bikini (Original)

Another original June scan from the John W collection, again from one of his purchased negatives of her. This time a non nude shot of her in the 1960’s posing on holiday in a stunning blue bikini on what appears to either be a raised stairway or fixed diving board at the edge of a pool? Clothed or unclothed June always looked stunning in the shots taken of her and always seemed to know how to pose for the best results. I bet she turned a few heads as she stood above the pool posing for this shot!


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