Hazel Taylor – From Within The Dragon (1967)


Hazel Taylor (Ann Dixon) from Kamera No.78 P46 (1967) as she poses from between a dragon statue. Taken by Harrison Marks on the Chinese Garden Set this is one of 10 shots of Hazel in Kamera No.78 with her posing nude with the dragon or a dragon gong. I love this particular pose of Hazel between the dragons tail showing off her great tits. it’s a shame the images in this edition are all airbrushed for publication as Hazel had a magnificent natural pussy in the uncensored shots I have of her. You can’t tell in this shot, but I can’t work out if Hazel is a redhead or ginger, one thing is for sure the collars and cuffs match whatever the colour 🙂

Wendy James – A Bridge Too Far (1966)

Wendy James from Kamera No.77 P2 (1966) by Harrison Marks. A very sullen looking Wendy as she poses next to the bridge on the Chinese Garden set, but I suppose you can’t be smiles all the time when taking your clothes off for the camera! Still I do like the nice little upturned pair of tits she had 🙂

June Palmer – The Dragon’s Den! (1964)

A couple of shots of June Palmer from the Harrison Marks Kamera publication ‘The Fabulous June Palmer’. These shots from pages 6 and 10, show June sat posing on the Chinese Garden Set and you can just see parts of the large Chinese Dragon in the background.

Wendy James – The Way of the Dragon

I’d forgot I’d got this very colourful shot of Wendy James! Taken by Harrison Marks it gives us a cropped topless view of Wendy looking away from the camera and posing in front of the Chinese Dragon on the Chinese Garden/Mandarin set.

Teri Martine – Enter The Dragon! (1968)

One of eight shots of Teri Martine from Kamera no.86 (1968) posing for Harrison Marks on the Chinese Garden Set.  In this shot she’s sat in the large ornate chair in front of the green dragon sculpture on the wall behind her, that appears in many of these later shoots.

Bobby’s Bush (1969)

There was only ever going to be one title for this post 🙂 and also to celebrate the fact I can show Bobby’s magnificent bush without fear of censorship from big brother now!  Bobby Shaw in all her glory from the pages of Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 (1969), plenty of bush and bark on show in this shot!

Hazel Taylor & The Glorious Gong!

Hazel Taylor posing on the Mandarin/Chinese Garden set from the pages of Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 (1969) by harrison Marks. The girls in this publication sure were natural and sported wonderfully full bushes for all to see with not a bit of retouching in sight thank goodness!

June Au Natural Nude

June posing on the Chinese Garden set from the opening pages of Forms in Color Vol.2 No.6.  Originally taken by Harrison Marks and looks to be uncensored by the fact June looks clean shaven down below, whereas most of the others were au natural in that region!