Kamera Calendar – 1961 (Jan – June)

Thanks again to Simon for a full (including date strip), high resolution scan of the first 6 months of the 1961 Kamera Calendar.  Much better than my original set!

January – Pamela Green

February – Paula Page

March – Princess Sonmar H’Arricks (Pamela Green)

April – Erica

May – Pamela Green Again!

June – Rita Landre (Pamela Green)

Fotag Magazine (Circa 1961)

Another 48 page, digest size magazine by Harrison Marks produced by his publishing/distribution company ‘Gaffinia Publications’, which started publication circa 1961 and seems to have ran for 8 issues featuring well known HM models on the covers and inside.

No.1 – Erica

No.1 Pick of the Pics – 
Ann Austin, Eve Eden & Unknown

No.2 – Ann Austin

No.2 Pick of the Pics – 
Ann Austin, Lorraine Burnett & Unknown

No.3 – Maxine

No.3 Pick of the Pics – 
Lorraine Burnett, Mary Deighan & Unknown

No.4 – June Russell

No.5 – Jennifer Garland

No.6 – Pamela Green

No.7 – Paula Page

No.8 – Pat Davis