Amazons of Yesteryear!

As I’ve just posted an image of June Palmer by Stefan/Stephen Glass it seemed appropriate to highlight a new book being published by Yak over on the Pamera Green site. A different publication featuring images taken by Stephen Glass of women wrestling from the 1940’s, of all things! They appear to be amateur bare-breasted women in various wrestling poses, which Yak has aptly title ‘Amazons of Yesteryear’. Maybe a different hardback book for Christmas this yeat and that would be a conversation stopper or starter Xmas morning I’m sure πŸ™‚

Margaret Nolan – Amongst The Dunes! (1964)

Margaret Nolan laying in the sand dunes by Harrison Marks and taken from his hardback book She Walks in Beauty, P104 (1964). A beautiful shot in the sand and a great smile from Margaret πŸ™‚

Rita Landre – Nothing But Fur! (1959)

Pamela Green posing as Rita Landre with nothing but a white fur coat for cover! Taken by Harrison Marks and published in the 1959 hardback book, P54 ‘Pamela – A Portrait in 58 Studies’, a beautiful shot of Rita with a quizzical look on her face.

Margaret Nolan – Haystack Drama! (1964)

A very dramatic pose amongst the hay from Margaret Nolan from page 111 of She Walks in Beauty (1964) by Harrison Marks. I think this must be one of the last solo shots of Margaret I’ve got to publish from SWiB, of which there are over 10 shots of her, but there are still a few duo shots of her to publish with Maria Clarence.

Another Day, Another Corset! (1962)

Two stunning shots of Vera Day from the book 1962 book ‘Vera’ by Harrison Marks. What’s not to like about these two shots of Vera in striking corset, matching black panties and stockings posing on the backstage set. I love the coloured shot of her by the ladder, but there’s something quite domineering about the second one with the way she’s stood, hands on hips! I know if I was confronted by her looking like that I’d do as I’m told πŸ™‚

Margaret Nolan – A Sea Shore Poised Pose (1964)

Margaret Nolan in a kneeling pose in the shallow waters at the sea edge from the ‘She Walks in Beauty’ (1964). Β Taken by Harrison Marks on location down in Cornwall it’s a very graceful pose from Margaret that shows off her wet curves to full effect. Β No idea on the location of this shot other than it was down on a beach in Cornwall somewhere πŸ™‚

Maria & Margaret – A Couple of Beach Bunnies! (1964)

More classic beach posing from the two M’s, Maria Clarence and Margaret Nolan. This shot comes from She Walks in Beauty (1964) by Harrison Marks, but one I don’t have so the quality isn’t as good as normal πŸ™‚