June Wilkinson – The Burlesque Fan (Original)

A restored silver gelatin photo of June Wilkinson kneeling on some cushions as she holds a large burlesque fan behind her back. A beautifully framed photo of June and her figure and thanks to Girlymag for sending over this photo of June 🙂

June Wilkinson – Before The Blonde Days (Original)

A second print of a dark haired June Wilkinson sat on a chair from a set of 5½  by 3½ glossy prints of  by Harrison Marks. This again appears in ‘The Harrison Marks Glamour Guide’ under set No.358 and thanks again to Girlymag for this shot of June.

A Cheeky One From June Wilkinson (Original)

June Wilkinson posed nude kneeling on a chair from a set of 5½  by 3½ glossy prints of June by Harrison Marks. These were advertised in ‘The Harrison Marks Glamour Guide’ under set No.358 and cost the princely sum of ten shillings per set, but worth every penny I would say! Thanks to Girlymag for this and the other copies from this set of June 🙂

A Young June Wilkinson Nude (Original)

A restored print of a young June Wilkinson posing nude. This again comes from a collection of scanned original photo’s sent over by Ian one of my members. They were found by a friend of Ian’s in the eaves of his garage, when he was having a clear out from previous owner. This print was damaged in places by damp but are still a valuable archive and as you can see from above still good enough to be restored.

A Thrusting June Wilkinson (Original)

A print of a young June Wilkinson from the Oxxbridge archives that I’ve restored and she’s looking fabulous as she stands there thrusting our her magnificent chest for t he camera!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

June Wilkinson by Harrison Marks (1958)

One of the few appearances of June Wilkinson in Kamera, this one being the only shot of her to appear in Kamera Special No.2 (1958). June also appeared in Kamera No.5 (1 shot) and No.8 (1 shot) along with several shots of her appearing in one of GHM’s other publications ‘In Focus’. They may be scarce but still a worth addition to the GHM portfolio.