A Lounging Lyn (1950’s)

Another shot of Lyn Hamilton showing off her perfect figure in this restored silver gelatin print from the late 1950’s. A sitting nude pose from Lyn this time as she shows off her body and another great photo sent over from Girlymag

Lyn Hamilton’s Hourglass Figure! (Original)

Lyn Hamilton showing off her perfect hourglass figure and silky smooth mons pubis, in this restored silver gelatin print from the late 1950’s. A very classical nude pose from Lyn with her hands behind her head as she shows off her body. Another great photo from Girlymag that is for sale over on his eBay site.

Notice a common theme with all of today’s three posts? Answers on a postcard to …


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

On Your Marks with Lyn Hamilton! (Original)

This shot comes from Kevin and when I saw the model I recognised her, but couldn’t put a name to the face and body! On looking back through my lesser known and unknown models I believe this is another shot of Lyn Hamilton, but I may well be wrong?

If you look at the bottom shot in this post of Lyn, although at a different angle, it’s the same background, the hair style is the same, but then that hairstyle in the late 1950’s was very popular! What I can say with certainty, was that it was taken by Harrison Marks in the late 1950’s probably around 1957/58. So, is it Lyn?

A Surprised Lyn Hamilton!

Lyn Hamilton-01

Another unknown model has been identified, again by Jeff.  This time it’s Lyn Hamilton appearing in Carnival Spring Special , 1958 (Top) and the original shot I posted of her in Kamera Special No.1 (1957).  Another unknown off the list, Thanks Jeff!