The Collinson Twins – Sisterly Love!

The Collinson Twins (Madeleine and Mary) from Rex No.1 showing a bit of sisterly love to one another! Both posed for GHM at one point or another and obviously went on to pose for many other magazines together, including Playboy. There’s something about these shots that just seem a little more risqué than just posing together, but it does get ones mind racing amongst other things!

Madeleine Collinson (1952 – 2014)

A bit late, but got an email from friend of the site Ozprof that told me about the passing of Madeleine Collinson.
A voluptuous brunette Madeleine Collinson was born on July 22, 1952 in Malta. She’s the identical twin sister of Mary Collinson and they first arrived in Britain in April, 1969 and the duo were cast as saucy maids in Harrison Marks 8mm short “Halfway Inn.” Mary and Madeleine went on to be Playmates of the Month in the October, 1970 issue of “Playboy” and have the distinction of being the first pair of identical twin sisters to do a nude pictorial for “Playboy”. Following their modelling career the sisters acted in a handful of movies together; including the Hammer vampire horror outing “Twins of Evil.” Madeleine lived in Malta with her husband and three children. She died at age 62 on August 14, 2014 – RIP

Madeline Collinson Uncensored!

Madeline, one of the Collinson twins in a uncensored colour shot by Harrison Marks. Madeline appeared in the glamour film ‘Halfway Inn’ (1969) with her twin sister Mary before going on to bigger and better things with Playboy. Unknown source for the image and doesn’t look to be related to the glamour film, potentially Ewhurst grounds?  And a very smooth almost perfect pubic area on show, if it is indeed unretouched?