Mary Deighan – Kamera Calendar, March 1960

Another scan from my own copy of the 1960 Kamera Calendar, this time Mary Deighan and her lovely rear view from the March page of the 1960 Kamera calendar. Taken on the fly poster set, you can’t complain about the view on this one as Mary has a great arse!

Mary Deighan – A Quick Break Between Poses!

Mary Deighan having a quick smoke as she reads the paper in the side wings. Taken from Kamera Backstage (1959) It still seems strange seeing a photo of a model posing with a cigarette, but back then it was socially acceptable and no one knew the health issues smoking would cause!

Kamera Backstage Billboard Flyer

I love this page at the front of Kamera Backstage that looks like a like a bill poster, along with the image of Mary Deighan having a smoke and reading the paper in the side wings pretending to relax. A lot of effort seems to have gone into the creation and production of this Kamera Special and it was my first introduction to Harrison Marks and Pamela Green, so very glad I have a copy now 🙂

Mary Deighan In Your Rear View!

Mary Deighan posing at the rear of what looks to be a 1958 Oldsmobile Super 88 from Kamera No.28 (1960). This seems to be taken at the same time and location as this image of Pamela Green sitting on the boot, which was published in ‘She Walks in Beauty’.

Kamera Backstage – Act VI Three Stunning Blondes

I finally have a copy of Kamera Backstage thanks to Yak over on the official Pamela Green site who sent me a copy. I love this 64 page special produced by Harrison Marks in 1959 and this image is a fine example of why I love it so much! 

The stunning figures of Pamela Green, Mary Deighan and Madeleine Mado, better known as Maria Hale without the long blonde wig.  All tastefully posed and lit in the wings or side stage.

Mary Deighan

A beautifully restored image of Mary Deighan, probably part of the collection that appeared in the 96 page pocket book ‘Kamera Backstage’ in 1959.

Note: This original image has been carefully edited and restored where required and a lot of effort has gone into this.  Please feel free to share, but kindly link back to this original if sharing elsewhere, Many Thanks! – Wonder

Fotag Magazine (Circa 1961)

Another 48 page, digest size magazine by Harrison Marks produced by his publishing/distribution company ‘Gaffinia Publications’, which started publication circa 1961 and seems to have ran for 8 issues featuring well known HM models on the covers and inside.

No.1 – Erica

No.1 Pick of the Pics – 
Ann Austin, Eve Eden & Unknown

No.2 – Ann Austin

No.2 Pick of the Pics – 
Ann Austin, Lorraine Burnett & Unknown

No.3 – Maxine

No.3 Pick of the Pics – 
Lorraine Burnett, Mary Deighan & Unknown

No.4 – June Russell

No.5 – Jennifer Garland

No.6 – Pamela Green

No.7 – Paula Page

No.8 – Pat Davis