Maxine Miller – A Real Bench Warmer! (Original)

A well rounded rear view of Maxine Miller by Harrison Marks posing on a bench at Ewhurst Manor. What a beautiful pose and shot of Maxine and that beautiful round arse she’s thrusting towards the camera for us all to enjoy. Perched on one of the benches that stood either side of the fireplace in the entrance of Ewhurst Manor it’s a great shot, although I’m not sure about the dirty feet!

Maxine Miller Uncensored!

An uncensored shot of Maxine Miller kneeling on an armchair in GHM’s living room (you can see the bar to the right) from the pages of Magnificent Models No.2. 

Maxine modelled for GHM in the mid 1960’s onwards and appeared in Kamera No.57, No.58, No.71, No.72, No.76 and No.83, but never appeared on the cover. She also appeared in Solo No.38, Femme No.8. Kamera Special No.3 and the hardback ‘She Walks in Beauty‘. Her one glamour film appearance was No.55 ‘Nude In The Sun’. She also appeared in various other publications during the 60’s including ‘Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties

Maxine Not Maria!

As commented by PhilD over on this post, Maxine Miller was once mistaken for Maria Clarence, how I do not know as they are totally different! The above image provided by Phil didn’t help either as it clearly identifies the model in this image as Maria Clarence, when it is in fact Maxine Miller. Having studied both Maxine and Maria at length, well certain parts of them, this is definitely Maxine. You can tell by the shape of her tits, as both are fairly small in that department, but Maxine’s tend to droop slightly more than Maria’s. Maria’s Tits although small tend to be the rounder and firmer of the two – Told you I’d studied them closely!

An image of Maria for comparison purposes.