The Gypsy Princess (Original)

A scan of the original negative of Princess Sonmar H’Arricks (Pamela Green) posing on the ‘Gypsy Set’ that appeared in the pages of Kamera No.40 (1962). I haven’t published a PSH image for a while, so about time I did and I love this shot and the clarity compared to the same image from Kamera No.40 that I posted here back in 2014. Beautiful shot of Pam as PSH and thanks as always to Simon for sending over this original from his Pam archives 🙂


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

Princess Sonmar Harriks – Beauty In The Barn

Princess Sonmar Harriks (Pamela Green) posing in the hay barn from Kamera No.37 (1961) with a very strategically placed thumb! The pubic region may look retouched, but it’s known she shaved to reduce the retouching, so the thumb is very well placed or GHM got the angle of the shot spot on!

The Gypsy Girl

Princess Sonmar H’Arricks (Pamela Green) posing on the ‘Gypsy Set’ from the pages of Kamera No.40 (1962). I haven’t published a PSH image for a while, so about time I did and I love this shot. Covering your body from head to foot with black boot polish must have been a nightmare, but as with everything Pamela put her hand to it was done very well. It must have been a bugger to scrub off afterwards, but I’m sure she would have got plenty of offers of help 🙂

Princess Sonmar H’Arricks – A Profile View

A beautiful side profile shot of Princess Sonmar H’Arricks (Pamela Green) from the pages of Kamera No.17 (1959). God knows how long it took her to ‘black up’ for these shots, I only hope she shot loads of sets in one session to make it worth while!

Kamera Calendar – 1961 (Jan – June)

Thanks again to Simon for a full (including date strip), high resolution scan of the first 6 months of the 1961 Kamera Calendar.  Much better than my original set!

January – Pamela Green

February – Paula Page

March – Princess Sonmar H’Arricks (Pamela Green)

April – Erica

May – Pamela Green Again!

June – Rita Landre (Pamela Green)

Princess Sonmar H’Arricks in the Hay!

A beautifully restored shot of Pamela Green as Princess Sonmar H’Arricks (or Harricks depending on who you speak to!) by Harrison Marks and used in he 1961 Kamera calendar.  Her name is an anagram of Harrison Marks if you didn’t already know and god knows how long it took her to ‘black’ up for these shots.

Thanks to Simon for the huge scans of the 1961 calendar that allowed me to restore the images to the quality above.  I previously published the images from the 1961 calendar, but will be replacing them over the next few weeks with bigger and better shots.

Note: All images, original or otherwise have been carefully edited and restored where required and a lot of effort has gone into this and may be subject to this copyright notice.  Please feel free to share, but kindly link back to this original if sharing elsewhere, Many Thanks! – Wonder

Kamera Calendar 1963 (July – Dec)

The final part of the Kamera Calendar 1963 … Enjoy!

July – Margaret Nolan

August – Marie Deveraux

September – Princess Sonmar H’Arricks (Pamela Green)

October – Yamille

November – Angela Jones

December – Pamela Green