Sultry Sandra (Original)

Sandra Cassano (Isobella Cassano) by Harrison Marks on the joint Lantern Cottage/Beach Set showing off her sultry looks.

Sandra did three photo shoots with Harrison Marks, two in the studio as above and one at his London flat. Fifteen of the photographs were published, the first of them in Kamera No.74 (1966) and then in No.76 & No.77. The final shot also taken on the Lantern Cottage Set appears on the July page of the 1967 Kamera Calendar. She also appears in two of the newer colour slide sets produced by Harrison Marks, each containing 8 slides of her. Set No.65 features her on the beach set similar to above and set No.66 features her posing at GHM’s flat, similar to this shot.

Sandra’s Smooth Bedtime Surprise! (Original)

Sandra Cassano posing for Harrison Marks kneeling on a bed that we have seen before, as the headboard is familiar! Not sure about the matching curtains and wallpaper though! This comes from Kevin and is a scan of an original negative, so is uncensored and we see a glimpse of Sandra’s smooth nether region in this shot.

Kamera Calendar – 1967 (July – Dec)

Part two of the 1967 Harrison Marks/Kamera calendar all in high resolution.

July – Sandra Cassano

August – Teri Martine

September – Hazel Taylor (Ann Dixon)

October – Hyldagarde

November – Beryl Gilchrist

December – Margaret Nolan

My favourite must be Hyldagarde and her fabulous buxom bosom and for some reason Beryl Gilchrist in the hay 😉

Thanks to Simon for sending all of these wonderful scans for me to share.
Note: All images, original or otherwise have been carefully edited and restored where required and a lot of effort has gone into this. Please feel free to share, but kindly link back to these originals if sharing elsewhere, Many Thanks! – Wonder