Angela Duncan – Fluffy Bunny (Original)

I love Angela Duncan (Trudy Scott), she’s not the most attractive of models I’ve seen, but what a sumptuous and wonderful curvy figure she has, plus those big tits! I didn’t have many good shots of Angela other than a few from the nurse outfit set, but I had noticed Kevin was selling a few of this set over the last few months. ¬†So being cheeky I asked if he could send me a few and he’s obliged with several large versions , the first of the 3 are above. I also realized I had, including Kevin’s 13 large images from this set (coming later!) so wondered how many more were out there?

Including the 13 large copies I have I’ve found 45 images that belong to this set! Unfortunately the other 32 aren’t very big, but regardless I’ve pulled them together into a gallery of all the shots for your viewing pleasure …. Here.

I just love this set of Angela posing on that fluffy rug (hence the title) and sofa in front of the fireplace and as you see in the smaller set, she teases us with more than those big tits. Just as an aside those tassel panties are red, as she has worn them before in this shot. I’m now on the hunt for bigger versions for the other 32 shots ūüôā

Marie’s Precarious Position! (Original)

Marie Provost posing in a very precarious position stood wearing high heels on a windowsill at Ewhurst Manor! ¬†I don’t have many of Marie but this came from Kevin and is a different shot indeed. Love the open blouse, sheer panties over the suspenders and stockings and ornate dining chair to the right, but god knows why she got up there!

Callipygian June!

So you don’t have to go and find a thesaurus the title refers to June’s great bum and ‘Callipygian’ means having outstandingly attractive, deliciously well-shaped buttocks. So you can’t disagree with the title¬†looking at these two shots of her from behind. Both shots come from the late 1950’s publication Connoisseurs Choice and Modelling Review¬†Vol.6 No.3

June Palmer – Lacy Blue Rear View (Original)

This wasn’t my first choice for the first post of the day today, but whilst editing it, it just took my fancy! John posted this along with some others last night, so thought I’d edit and share a few straight away and love this shot of June in the studio. ¬†As John points out ‘Note the purely functional suspender belt, the crooked bra strap, and the very lacy thong!’ and let’s not forget the fishnets! I’m loving the lacy blue thong, but that hardly looks functional either as it doesn’t seem to cover much, not that we want it to! And being the perv I am I’d love to see the front view and how little that covers as well ūüôā


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Frankie Young – Getting a Leg Up!

Frankie Young wearing blacking stockings and panties in a very odd pose! ¬†I’m not sure what she was trying to achieve here with this pose, but it looks weird. ¬†Was she trying to prop her leg on top of the chair or get her leg over, oooer! ¬†Either way she looks awkward and the pout on her face says it all.