Life’s a Beach with Sophia Dawn & Frankie Young (1964)

Sophia Dawn and Frankie Young on a beach in Cornwall in some unusual poses (artistic?) from the hardback publication, She Walks in Beauty (1964). One of GHM’s favourite locations for outdoor work in the mid 1960’s. I do sometimes wonder how he got away with all this nakedness on the beach, but I suppose the beaches were less crowded back then, or they were up early!

Petrina Forsythe – She Walks in Beauty (1964)

Two contrasting shots taken of Petrina Forsythe by Harrison Marks from She Walks in Beauty (1964). The top shot a typical pose on the beach that many models adopted for this publication, but the bottom one a more arty shot using an old derelict tin mine as a backdrop.

June Palmer – She Walks in Beauty, Part 2

Two more shots of June from She Walks in Beauty (1964), this time posing on a Cornwall beach in a long white negligee/dressing gown. The first image is a typical June pose that shows off her curves to wonderful effect. The second image being a much more artistic effort!

June Palmer – She Walks in Beauty

One of several images of June to appear in ‘She Walks in Beauty’, but I like this one the most because it’s a closer shot of June rather than one of her striking a pose. The whole look works for me, from leaning over the back of the chair, her hair and the one boob just showing from the shadows. Taken in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor on one of the many occasions she visited and posed there. 

Pamela Green – She Walks in Beauty

Pamela Green posing nude on the bonnet of a classic American Oldsmobile car from the pages of ‘She Walks in Beauty’ (1964). I’ve also seen this image coloured over on oldiznewagain’s site and must say the chrome bumper and red boot look excellently coloured. Pamela Green is looking as composed and classy as always.

She Walks in Beauty Dust Cover

The dust cover to the hardback book ‘She Walks in Beauty’ (1964) featuring from bottom to top, Margaret Nolan, Marie Deveraux, Rita Landre (Pamela Green) and unknown  Lee Southern (Grace Jackson).

Another on my list of books to get an actual copy ( I should write a list!)

Thanks to MadMax for identifying Lee Southern in the top image 🙂

Frankie Young – She Walks in Beauty (1)

Three images of a nude Frankie Young messing about in the hay taken by Harrison Marks and printed in the ‘She Walks in Beauty’ hardback book published in 1964. A popular choice of model for this book as she appears no less than 16 times either posing alone or with other models!