Ravishing Rochelle! (1950’s)

Rochelle Lofting by Harrison Marks from a 5½ by 3½ Glossy Print that was advertised in The Harrison Marks Glamour guide. There were several sets of Rochelle on offer for sale, but this shot came from set No.243 on page 11. This set of 5 prints has Rochelle posing naked on a leopardskin rug with the striped curtains in the background.

Risqué Rita (Photo Set)

A complete set of photo’s of Rita Landre (Pamela Green) advertised in The Harrison Marks Glamour Guide P8. This was set No.381 featuring Rita posing  at the dressing table and familiar floral wallpaper in five 5½ by 3½ glossy photo’s produced by Harrison Marks. I have no idea what the code is on the actual photo’s, but I’ve seen it or similar on many others? A cracking set of Rita and thanks to Oxxbridge Galleries I now have over 2000 photo’s to go through, including many more full sets like this from The Harrison Marks Glamour Guide and others.

June Wilkinson – Before The Blonde Days (Original)

A second print of a dark haired June Wilkinson sat on a chair from a set of 5½  by 3½ glossy prints of  by Harrison Marks. This again appears in ‘The Harrison Marks Glamour Guide’ under set No.358 and thanks again to Girlymag for this shot of June.

The Harrison Marks Glamour Guide (1950’s)

I’ve been after this guide for a while, but now thanks to Paul from Firebird Records I have a copy! This one of the early glamour guides and showcases 1600 photo’s of various models in sets of 5 photo’s, including 252 sets of 5½ by 3½ glossy photo’s, 72 sets of Steroscopic sets and a special set of 10 Rita Landre prints. Looking through all the sets listed I see I have a fair few in my collection, but probably very few full sets, although it’s difficult to actually say as you only see one image from each set. Some very familiar early GHM models listed and some from my unknown list 🙂

The full guide below …

A Cheeky One From June Wilkinson (Original)

June Wilkinson posed nude kneeling on a chair from a set of 5½  by 3½ glossy prints of June by Harrison Marks. These were advertised in ‘The Harrison Marks Glamour Guide’ under set No.358 and cost the princely sum of ten shillings per set, but worth every penny I would say! Thanks to Girlymag for this and the other copies from this set of June 🙂

New Catalogue Collection!

I’ve been after a few of these Harrison Marks catalogues for a while, but finally managed to get my hands on copies, plus a few others this week. The main ones I’ve been after are the top two, the glamour guide and the original cine film guide. The glamour guide has a selection of over 252 sets of photo’s, each set consisting of 5 glossy 5.5 by 3.5 prints and looking through the sets it’s amazing how many individual photo’s I have from some of these sets! I can now go back and tag my photo’s with the set number when I get the time!

The second set of catalogues include Pamar slide sets and some of the later Harrison Marks colour slide sets, plus a bonus catalogue of 8mm glamour films, that feature well known models and locations, but doesn’t seem to be by Harrison Marks?

I’ll scan them all properly shortly, but a great set of catalogues to add to the collection 🙂