Terrific Tina Looks To Be Hitched!

What appears to be a younger Tina Graham (Christine Carter) from Lenz No.3 by Ken Williams posing in open front shirt to reveal those magnificent (I use that word far too often!) tits. Interestingly in this image she seems to be wearing a wedding ring that disappears in later shots of her in her career.

Tina Graham on The Doorstep in 3D

It’s been ages since I posted a 3D image, so to rectify that here is one of the lovely Tina Graham (Christine Carter).  This one shows off the lovely figure of Tina sat on the doorstep of the cottage at Ewhurst Manor with those long legs and tits popping out at you in glorious 3D!

Kamera Calendar 1964 (July – Dec)

The final part of the Kamera Calendar 1964 by Harrison Marks.

July – June Palmer (Front Lawn of Ewhurst Manor)
August – Tina Graham (Christine Carter)

September – Angela Jones

October – Maureen Tavenbeck

November – Jackie Salt

December – Vivienne Warren

Tina Graham – Saving Us From An Upholsters Nightmare!

How many different patterns can you get in one shot, it’s a visual assault to one’s eyes and god only knows what this was like in colour!! Fortunately amongst them all sits Tina Graham (Christine Carter) looking lovely in just black panties to save the day!