Virginia Green – Contrasting Patterns!

I’m having a redhead sort of day, which isn’t a bad thing and continuing that theme we have Virginia Green amongst some very contrasting patterns! I don’t know which is worse the curtains, wallpaper or the bedding, plus you can throw in her floral panties for good measure. 

Is it me and my filthy mind or do those panties look to have black Velcro sides for easy removal? The look on Virginia’s face lends me to believe if it was Velcro she’d be game for showing us how easy it is to remove them. There goes my mind again 🙂

Virginia Green in The Mirror (Full Version)


A stunning image of Virginia Green that I originally published here, but this is probably the original as it’s not cropped at the sides.  Much better quality and you get to see Ann Austin in the photo on the wall, signed by Harrison Marks. This image in it’s cropped version appeared on the last page of Solo no.25 P32 (1960) dedicated to Virginia.

Virgina Green – A Furry Outlook

A magnificently posed Virginia Green featuring two of Harrison Marks favourite props, a sheepskin rug and a long black negligee from the pages of Kamera No.29 (1960).

Two things strike me about this image, Virginia has always seems to have perfect lips. Secondly what is going on between her legs! Is that just the sheepskin rug and shadowing, or shoddy retouching that got past the censor! I can’t quite make my mind up, but based on other images of her I’ll go with a trick of the light 🙂

Mirror Image of Virginia Green

Two shots of Virginia Green posing with mirrors by Harrison Marks and one with a familiar black negligee.  Published in either Kamera or Solo No.15 and re-printed in Magnificent Models by Harrison Marks No.3

Virginia Green in 3D

Some more late 1950’s 3D goodness, this time two shots of Virginia Green, one posing nude with a discretely placed knee!  The other stood in just her panties, but she stands out from the background.  I think the first shot works better in 3D as the knee and body stand out well from the bed spread and cushions

I bet your glad you kept those old 3D glasses, or borrowed them from the kids as old red/cyan 3D hasn’t looked this good for ages!