Hanna Viek by Harrison Marks

Now this is a new one to me! I love Hanna Viek and she was a big favourite of mine on my other blog ‘DaysGonebyPorn’, but I didn’t know she had also posed for Harrison Marks in the 1970’s. These are two great shots of her from Magnificent Models No.3 a reprint of GHM’s work and I’ve seen some colour shots from the same set, unfortunately they are very small and poor quality.
So has anyone seen or got the full set of Hanna by GHM, as I’d be very interested in good copies, plus anyone know if they were published anywhere, maybe New Kamera?

Margaret Nolan – Four Poster Pose!

Another higher quality nude shot of Margaret Nolan by Harrison Marks on the four poster bed.  Tastefully posed and edited, so we can see as much of the gorgeous MN as possible.  Love the flick of hair across Margaret’s face on this shot!

More Dungeon Danger!

Another model posing on the dungeon set, but whom?  Does anyone recognize this model and her little scar? Not one of the regular models and one that I recognise easily, but must have been published towards the end of the 1960’s in a later Kamera?  It was re-published in Magnificent Models No.3 by Nostalgia Publications.  Any ideas, if not I’ll add it to the unknown list!