Yamille – Picture Perfect! (Original)

A rare shot of the model known only as Yamille by Harrison Marks in the studio. A perfect picture of her kneeling and looking away from the camera, but giving us a perfect front view of her curves, those hips and just a hint of bush! You can also just notice a scar down where her appendix is, so another who seems to have had an appendectomy. I love this dusky model, just wish there was more of her around especially some more full frontal of her 😉

Y is for Yamille (Xmas Calendar)

This was a difficult letter to cover for the calendar, but there were a few options, but in the end I went for the centre pages of Kamera No.48 (1962) featuring Yamille. So Phil was correct with Yamille, but I also had a Nicole Yearner shot ready, but went with Yamille in the end.

Finally, this isn’t the hardest letter to do, anyone got suggestions for the letter i?

All Smiles From Yamille (1962)

A very happy looking Yamille from Kamera No.48 P13 (1962). Fantastic side view of this lesser known model, who has a great figure and boobs, with big areola. Also loving the dark hair pulled back and big earrings and the big happy smile 🙂

Yamille – The Hips Don’t Lie! (1962)

What fantastic hips and curves on the figure of Yamille taken by Harrison Marks from Kamera No.48 (1962).  There isn’t much known about this dusky Latin looking model and she only did one shoot for GHM, with those photo’s appearing inside Kamera No.48 & No.53.  She was also featured in the 1963 Kamera Calendar and she appears in one set of 35mm colour slides (Set No.17)

Kamera Calendar 1963 (July – Dec)

The final part of the Kamera Calendar 1963 … Enjoy!

July – Margaret Nolan

August – Marie Deveraux

September – Princess Sonmar H’Arricks (Pamela Green)

October – Yamille

November – Angela Jones

December – Pamela Green