Zigrinda – Nice Hat Revisited! (Original)

Revisiting one of GHM’s one name models, Zigrinda from page 2 of Kamera No.87 (1968), but this version is from the actual medium format negative that I have in my collection. She only appeared for GHM in Kamera No.87 and the glamour film ‘Zigrinda, Britain’s Top Stripper’. I originally posted a scan from the Kamera magazine of this shot here, but this shot is much much clearer, although it doesn’t improve the dodgy hat 🙂

Zigrinda – Britain’s Top Stripper! (Original)

Zigrinda by Harrison Marks. She only appeared in Kamera No.87 (1968) and the glamour film ‘Zigrinda, Britain’s Top Stripper’.  The three images from No.87 are all from the same set of her wearing the white hat and black push up bra, but as far as I’m aware this shot from my collection never got published?

Spicy Donna (Zigrinda) – Part 2

The second set of shots from the ‘Private Classics’ set from the 1970’s where she is named as spicy Donna and after the first set of images they start get get a bit ruder! Although who doesn’t like a bit more spice every now and then! Full set so far … Here

Spicy Donna (Zigrinda) – 1970’s Porn!

I came across the first image in this set over on PornoCandy’s Tumblr site and thought I recognised the model as Zigrinda that modelled for Harrison Marks in the late 1960’s. The face and harsh hair gave her away, followed by the body shape and pussy! So I went looking for the rest of the set and found more than I imagined I would!
These shots come from a ‘Private Classics’ set from the 1970’s where she is named as spicy Donna and there are 15 images in the set and these are by far the tamest! The rest include a male partner and get more explicit to almost hardcore!
I’m sure a lot of the models that originally posed for GHM went on to do harder stuff and I’m sure they did behind closed doors for him as well! But this is the first full set I’ve come across and published (I’ll publish the naughty stuff anon!) Saying that Zigrinda always came across as a continental model, so probably not surprising she posed for harder stuff!

Zigrinda From Germany

Another shot of Zigrinda by Harrison Marks, but this was published in the 1969 Tudor House Publication ‘Round The World Girls’ in T.H.P Vibra Colour, whatever the hell that is? The magazine featured 19 girls from different countries and it looks like 2 models that regualry posed for GHM appeared, one being Zigrinda. The other was Velma Loftus, who appeared as the Girl from South Africa. Being a late 1960’s publication and having seen other Tudor House publications, there was plenty of untamed bush on show in this magazine!

Zigrinda – A More Revealing View

A second colour shot of Zigrinda from Harrison Marks and this one is again uncensored and far more revealing than you would normally expect! Publication wise it’s unknown, but would have been taken around 1967/68 as images from the same set appear in Kamera No.87. I’m sure GHM shot more explicit stuff in his time and behind closed doors during the 60’s, but seeing full bush and labia on view here seems less common.

Zigrinda in Colour

A shot of the very sullen Zigrinda this time without the fuzzy hat, but showing some fuzz of her own! Unknown publication, but based on the image from Kamera No.87 I would say it was taken at the same location due to the gaudy background and taken by Harrison Marks.

I think the harsh fringe doesn’t help her expression, but maybe it was a wig as the collar and cuffs don’t match 😉