Maria & Margaret – A Couple of Beach Bunnies! (1964)

More classic beach posing from the two M’s, Maria Clarence and Margaret Nolan. This shot comes from She Walks in Beauty (1964) by Harrison Marks, but one I don’t have so the quality isn’t as good as normal 🙂
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  1. Maria and Magaret in the same picture is almost an overdose of beauty, but thanks anyway, whish there were more of these pretty girls nowadays!

    • Sorry I spelled Margaret wrongly. I do admire and respect them both. Sometimes I wish I was born in the UK, such beautiful girls you had/have there. Thank you for preserving this ART, forever, I hope!

  2. Why, anybody, why not recognise really these two beauties?
    I find no undecency or pornography in the picture!
    These two girls deserve a Nobel price! For simply being so pretty.

  3. The location of this photo is Littlehampton (West Beach).
    The windmill has since lost its sails, but the trees are much the same.


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