Kay Fitzsimmonds – In Bed With Ted! (1960)

Kay Fitzsimmonds sharing a familiar bed with a large stuffed bear! I didn’t notice the bear in the shot until I started editing it, but then who would be looking for it when Kay is centre of attention. A great shot of Kay from Kamera No.27 P25 (1960) posing on a well used bed with familiar striped bedding, so either GHM only had one set of bedding or the bed was only used occasion for shots like this.

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  1. Same teddy bear as used in a Nicky Stevens and also a Sue Bond film ? It does look very familiar !!!

  2. I thought I may have started some interest with my comment about teddy.
    So, who remembers the films ? The Nicky Stevens one was called Early One Morning and the Sue Bond one was, I believed called Hot Teddy, where I think the sceanario is her making love to Teddy !

    • I don’t remember them, but recently came across the details of ‘Early One Morning’ when searching for something on Nicky Stevens. Didn’t realize the teddy was so well used if you know what I mean!

  3. My apologies to you, Wonder . That film title for the Nicky Stevens film is incorrect. Early One Morning is where she uses the hip bath, photos from which you have shown.


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