A New Dawn on Friday! (Original)

I thought I’d start Friday with a new Dawn Grayson image from a set of 10 slides that I won over on eBay from Firebird Records. As you can see the set features Dawn posing in the studio with sheer netting as a background. The slides I have range from Dawn topless in jeans, such as this shot, to her posing in various positions nude. I know there are at least 5 more slides available from this set, plus more, but I have no idea about date or photographer as the slides themselves are plain.


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

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  1. I saw the originals they were in a bad shape most of the colour gone from the film stock – some HM older 35mm does it too – that looks great Russ…wish we could get in touch with a few more of these much loved models from the time.

    • Yes, they all needed tweaking in the scanner software and Photoshop to recover the colour, but turned out OK. Wish we knew were some of these models were now as well, especially Dawn 🙂

  2. Maybe its just a trick of the light, but Dawn’s hands and wrists seem to be those of someone “not in the first flush of youth”, with modern celebs its the one the few areas that cannot be surgically enhanced and a give away of actual age. So I wonder if she was a little older in this photo than we normally think of her.

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