Suzi Shane’s Boudoir Pose (Original)

An original image of Suzi Shane taken by Harrison Marks posing on a chair with one leg up! Not the most elegant of shots and I always think that the short hair on Suzi gives her quite a harsh look, as other shots I’ve posted of her with longer hair seem to suit her better?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

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  1. Like her dirty feet!

  2. The pose doesn’t do her legs any favours – or perhaps she simply has short, stocky legs.

    I noticed her feet as well, Roop. Have you noticed that most models today keep their shoes on, no matter what else they take off? Back in the day, nude obviously meant completely nude, right down to the trotters. I’ve seen pictures of Sally Dixon, Hazel Taylor, Terry Graham and even the elegant Ms Grayson, all with filthy feet. No wonder, really, walking barefoot on grubby carpets or even outdoors.


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