Bea Bea Chu-Chu – A Solo Affair! (1961)

Bea Bea Chu-Chu on the cover of Solo No.22 (1961) by Harrison Marks. Another magazine from the Solo collection providing a complete set of images and poses of one model, this time Bea Bea. Although not one of my favourites you cannot deny she had a great pair of tits on her!

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  1. Anymore pics of Toni Kessering besides the one in the green dress I’m a bit of a fan of the fuller figure and particularly enjoy your comments. I wish you featured the work of Roger Davis and Stanley Long,but Keep up the high standard, Rosalindas album, Silky, Satin, Velvet, QT, Strip Lingerie often featured Paula, Rosa Ann, Lorraine, Rosina in basques and halfcup bras and tie-sided G strings. Thanks Lobby Ludd

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