Molly Peters (1942 – 2017)

Sad to hear that Molly Peters passed away yesterday aged 75. Most of the papers are running with her role in the James Bond Film ‘Thunderball’, which I loved but very few reports mention her modelling career especially her association with Harrison Marks, which is to be expected. We’ve all seen a different view of Molly on here and this shot is a new addition to my collection, but seemed fitting.

Thanks to all the members that mailed me letting me know this sad news.

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  1. RIP Molly, you were for many, the archetypal curvaceous bombshell.

  2. Sad to learn of Molly’s passing. Makes me wonder how many other models from this classic era are still alive today. Most are obscure so we only get to hear about the famous ones who pursued careers beyond Harrison Marks.

  3. Very sad indeed. How I loved Molly, or her image, in my younger days! Being of a similar age I really wished I could get to meet her.


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