Sylvia Bayo – The Only Way To Play Snooker!

Sylvia Bayo and friend playing topless snooker on the cover of Parade (22nd May 1971) and definitely the only way for girls with assets like that to play snooker! I recently saw a copy of this cover over on Sylvia’s thread on VEF, so thought I’d dig out my copy as it’s about time we had some more Sylvia! Anyone know the other model on the cover? 

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  1. Given that my choice of pseudonym on this thread is (ahem) tonal range, may I just say how much i appreciate this pic, and that’s aside from being a Sylvia Bayo fan.

    What a great pic to slip us into the weekend.

  2. Ah, those happy days of topless snooker and topless darts.

    Also, remember a sketch on Not The Nine O’ Clock News back in the day where the two male football fans watched a women’s football match, rather bored until the end of the game when the two teams swapped jerseys – must have been a warm day as the ladies had forgotten to put any underwear on !!

    Seven & a half p for a mag back in 1971 !!

    • Seven & half pence well spent if it involved Sylvia I’d say! And topless snooker sounds less dangerous than darts, although those nipples could do some damage 🙂

  3. The other model is, according to my archives, carol catkin.


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