Sylvia Bayo – The Only Way To Play Snooker!

Sylvia Bayo and friend playing topless snooker on the cover of Parade (22nd May 1971) and definitely the only way for girls with assets like that to play snooker! I recently saw a copy of this cover over on Sylvia’s thread on VEF, so thought I’d dig out my copy as it’s about time we had some more Sylvia! Anyone know the other model on the cover? 


Cheese Cake Favourite – Gina Graham

Gina (Tina) Graham or Christine Carter from the centre pages of Parade No.1196 (Week-ending Saturday 10th November, 1962).  

Anyone that has ever owned or handled a copy of Parade Magazine will know how flimsy the magazine is and the paper it was printed on!  The Centrefolds always tend to be missing or very poor quality, but this one was stunning! The whole magazine is in very good condition for 51 years old and has retained it’s colour extremely well!

The above has been stitched together and staple marks removed, but other than that it’s pretty much as it looks in the magazine.

This shot doesn’t really do it justice, but a larger version can be seen … here

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