Roberta Pedon – Alive & Kicking (Original)

Well this is a turn up for the books and a very pleasant surprise, but thanks to one of my sources I’ve been reliably informed that Roberta Pedon is still alive and well and living in Italy as of 2018! I’ve also been forwarded an article from The Realto Report here that gives more details of how she was found and a picture of her in 2018 and it sure looks like her.

Fabulous news that one of my favourite from the 70’s is still alive and kicking, so it only seems fitting to share the news with another original shot of her from back then and her two finest assets 🙂

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  1. I heard that rumour a little while ago – it’s good news for no other reason than that she survived whatever life threw at her. She looks a bit young in that picture though, or incredibly well kept – she must be very late 60s or early 70s.

    But we can always celebrate how she was, the best ever!

    Good news all around!

  2. Sorry to ask a dumb question; was she actually Italian?

    If so, they can claim yet another work of art.

  3. I picked this story up via VEF and YouTube and it is wonderful news, not least because this gorgeous woman is shown as intelligent and expressive as well as drop-dead sexy. Fabulous to know that not all the glamour models of the past were victims.

    • You are stating that men’s mag models are likely to be victims; I would strongly dispute that. Most were seeking to make a buck, or supplement their day jobs, and a few made an actual career out of it. But these arguments are not the purpose of this site. I am simply pointing out that to infer that most glamour models were victims, is your own assumption presented as though fact, and you simply cannot know that.

  4. I have to say her breasts look enormous in this picture – the pose showing them far bigger than they actually are – that’s not a complaint by the way!

    But the thing about RP was that she was an all round good looker. For instance, in the famous shoot of her and two similar breast size models in the swimming pool (Olga + one other whose name I forget) RP stands out not only for breast size but also because she’s the best looking model.

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