Ann Jones – Beautiful & Bare Tree Nymph (Original)

A beautiful view of Ann Jones posing by a tree by Harrison Marks in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor. The pose against the tree gives us a fabulous view of Ann’s slender figure, small pert tits and her smooth mound, plus a cheeky little smile as she looks off to the right 🙂

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  1. Very nice classic study with nudity enhanced by depilation

  2. Just my sort of thing , a girl naked in the open air confident that she looks fantastic. I love the cheeky little smile and the pert ( but not small surely?) tits. I’m not sure when this was taken. Would it have been compulsory to remove pubic hair then?

  3. Not compulsory, but it helped in the retouching of the negative. Which I believe was done at least for a time by Pamela Green herself.

  4. This form of censorship had gone by about 1968 so I wonder if it predates this? Depilation obviously helped considerably in retouching the negative but photographers such as L. Bainbridge and to a lesser extent M Wren (see elsewhere on this site) still insisted on it after 1968 till they retired. When this form of censorship went, almost all models preferred to avoid shaving.

  5. Playboy was afraid to show Pubic Hair for almost 20 years. Now, that’s another taboo long gone,Thank Goodness.

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