Dazzling Dawn


The dazzling Dawn Grayson posing in just tights and a pair a diamond heels in the garden. This comes from a set of Dawn posing in and out of a house and garden in those  sparky shoes. As always perfectly posed by Dawn and looking effortless in what she does. 

Glorious in the Garden


A glorious and vibrant colour shot of an unknown model posing in the garden amongst the roses. I have no idea who she is, but I’d guess it was taken late 1950’s and it could be Ewhurst. But then any decent garden back then could have looked like this, minus the naked model of course!

A stunning shot of vibrant colours that needed very little altering. The young model has a great figure with very firm up pointing tits and slender figure. Some may say too slim as you can see her ribs, but beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder 🙂

Another Day, Another Deckchair!

Another shot of 1960’s UK model Brenda Wilson in the garden. Posing topless in open cardigan, black stockings and sheer panties sat in a deckchair.

I love sunny days with views like this 🙂

Swinging Fun with Stevie & Vicky

Fun on a swing with Stevie (Vaughan) and Vicky (Ballou) in the grounds of Walden Manor. Taken by Harrison Marks these two seemed to only pose with each other or solo, but never anyone else. Two very similar figures as well, but very different hairstyles and panties 🙂

Ann Wilson – The Garden Club! (Original)

The stunning and very hippy Ann Wilson from a restored 10 by 8 print. Posing nude in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor we get an excellent view of Ann’s great small tits, smooth mound and curvy hips 🙂