Dawn Grayson – A Portrait of Beauty! (Original)

Believe it or not, not all of my collection are nudes or glamour related. I also have a large collection of ‘normal’ shots of my favourite models posing for standard profile shots or just dressed!

Dawn Grayson is one such model I just collect everything of her, nude or not. This black and white shot of Dawn (Kay Kirkham) is one such stunning example. This is a scan of an original 35mm negative from a seller over in the US and hasn’t been cropped in any way, but clearly shows the sculpted beauty of Dawn’s face framed by her naturally wavy auburn hair. I have several from this set and all are close-up profile shots and all show off Dawn’s beauty.

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  1. She really is very lovely. A face like that and a body to die for. Some girls have it all! It must have been most unusual in the 60s to have a girl who looks like this willing to be photographed naked. She has the kind of beauty only found in the 1960s when elegance was still in fashion.
    More please.

  2. Reminds me of Lee Remmick

  3. A true ravishing beauty. Fantastic photo. One of your very best you have shown recently. A model, as this photo proves, does not need to pose nude to show her beauty.A certain sophistication to this photo too. More lke this, please.

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