Vicky – The Perfect Triangle! (Original)

A beautiful shot of the model known only as Vicky by Harrison Marks. Taken in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor this shot of Vicky shows off her wonderful naked body and that perfect triangle of hair below. Most of the images of Vicky were published in the last few editions of Kamera with similar shots to this appearing in Kamera No.87 (1968) with most having Vicky posing in the garden and grounds of Ewhurst. I’d certain fire off my cannon if I came across this view of Vicky 🙂

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  1. She certainly has a perfect young body – firm and glowing with health. The outdoor location adds class to the overall picture, there is nothing more beautiful I think than a girl naked in the great outdoors lit only by natural light.

  2. Is this the same Vicky who was in at least one of HM films ?


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